How do I install this CDRW???

  JUSZO 09:37 06 Mar 2003

Please forgive my non - technical language....I have a basic system with only a CD rom at present. I want to install a CDRW in the vacant slot above it. I've opened up the back and from the motherboard are the following:
there are the thin,broad data transfer cables (with a pink stripe down one side) running from the motherboard to the harddrive, the floppy drive and the cd-rom. Each lead has an additional "port" for connecting new hardware.
Which one should I connect up to the newly installed CDRW. I think I've tried the CDROM one and when I started system, it didn't recognise or detect ANY CD (rom or rw!!!) What am I doing wrong folks??? Do I need to do anything else???
Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give...

  MAJ 09:43 06 Mar 2003

Forget about the floppy cable for the minute. You then have two other Flat cables in with three connectors on them. One connector of each cable is attached to the mother board.

Now, your hard drive is attached to one of these cables. Is your CD-ROM drive attach to that one, or is it attached to the end connector of the other flat cable?

  JUSZO 09:48 06 Mar 2003

From what I can see, the hard drive and the present cd rom are not connected....there are separate "leads" connecting each one to the motherboard...

  MAJ 09:57 06 Mar 2003

Okay then, JUSZO, your CD-ROM is the Secondary Master, if it is on the end connector on that flat ribbon cable.

There should then be another coannector in the middle of that ribbon cable. Look at the back of your CD-RW drive and you will see a little removable jumper which can be set at three positions, Master (MS), Slave (SL) or Cable Select (CS). Move the jumper to the Slave position, which should be indicated on the drive somewhere, and attach the drive to the middle connector on the ribbon cable. Follow the instructions at this link to complete installation. click here are pictures to help you. But come back if you have any problems.

Most of the flat leads as you call them will have three connectors; one for the motherboard, one "Middle" one and one for the main device on the other end of the cable.

What you need to do is to set your existing CD rom on the Middle connector and if there is a jumper on the back of the CD rom drive set this to "slave".

Set the jumper on the back of the CD/RW to "Master" and connect to the end of the smae cable that has the CD rom on.

Thats it!

However, if the legnth of the data cables will allow, and IF you want to copy CD's "On the fly" (without copying to the hard drive first) then I would try to arrange things so that the CD rom (which is where you would put the cd that you want to copy) is on the same cable (middle connector) of the Hard Drive cable. This will allow the PC to "Read" from that drive while "Writing" to the CD/RW. Data can only travel in one direction at a time and therefore if both drives are on the same cable, there will be a delay and possibility of buffer underruns.

  MAJ 10:00 06 Mar 2003

That link should be click here, JUSZO.

  MAJ 10:04 06 Mar 2003

It doesn't matter which one is Slave and which one is Master.

  MartinT-B 10:05 06 Mar 2003


You need to read this CAREFULLy 1st.

click here

If you BIOS is set to auto detect it will see the new drive once installed.

If not, come back here before you do anything else

  MAJ 10:05 06 Mar 2003

So long as the jumper is set correctly.

  JUSZO 10:06 06 Mar 2003

Thanks everyone...I'm sure with all that info I'll be okay...

Well, thats debatable!

If you want the new (and one would expect, faster) drive to be the master and the one that the PC will recognise to boot from, then yes it does matter. In the grand scheme of things I suppose not BUT if both drives are set to master then dont you think we would have a conflict?

For example, if on the HD cable with the CD/RW set to master, which device will the PC try to access first? The CD or the HDD?

As most drives ship with the jumper set to master, it is worth making sure dont you think?

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