how do i initialise my additional hard drive?

  Steven-172567 13:44 22 May 2005

i've just fitted an additional hard drive or extra storage, so as to do some video editing. My pc recocnises the drve, but it is still as the 'c' drive and says it's not initialised. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  dan11 13:51 22 May 2005

You say it showing as your "C" drive, are you sure. Is it the only hard drive in the system or is the drive with the operating system, another letter.

To initialize a drive, you right click my computer and pick manage. You then pick disk management and locate the drive in the right hand window. Right clicking the drive will give you the options you need.

If the option is just initialize, then click on that and it will start a wizard.

You may get the option of either delete partition or create new partition or even straight format.

If you get these post back for instructions.

  Steven-172567 14:19 22 May 2005

i've done what DAN 11 has said, and it is now initialised....
how do i get the drive to be 'B' drive or some other letter.
my original drive is 'c' but the new one is hidden in there aswell.

  bremner 14:24 22 May 2005

"my original drive is'c' but the new one is hidden in there as well."

You are going to have to try and expalin this better. Your new drive cannot be hidden in the C drive.

In Disk management are there seperate entries for both the original drive and the new drive

  Steven-172567 14:28 22 May 2005

in disk management the volume (C:) has my original drive as disk 0, then under that the new one is disk 1.
with 111.81 GB and says it is unallocated.

  Eric10 14:38 22 May 2005

Right-click where it says "Unallocated" and you will get the option to partition the drive and then when that has been done right-click again and choose to format it. It will then be allocated a drive letter.

  Steven-172567 14:48 22 May 2005

thanks to all for their help in resolving this.

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