how do i improve viewing streaming media

  david.h 15:06 31 Jan 2004

we watch streaming media over our 512 broadband internet, but when we try to enlarge the screen we get a blocky picture.

will an upgrade of my graphics card and processor help in any way.
we have PIII 500 processor, 384 SD RAM, 16mb TNT grahics card.

the view is ok on a smaller screen view.

  MichelleC 15:09 31 Jan 2004

If you're using WMP try RealPlayer - much better. You could update your graphics card driver if there's a newer one.

  david.h 16:31 31 Jan 2004

the programs we watch are only viewable on media player. will a new graphics card thing of the new ati aiw 9600 make any improvement?

  Sheila-214876 17:22 31 Jan 2004

Forget RealPlayer. Get JetAudio from click here free.

  powerless 17:27 31 Jan 2004

The blocky picture is because the picure is being enlarged.

The video clip will be best viewed in its original size.

If you want full screen with quality (no blockiness) you will have to select a higher quality stream. This will depend upon the site you visit some offer several for different connections and some offer only one.

  david.h 16:04 01 Feb 2004


than you for the reply

reading your reply is it down to the spec of the sender and not the viewer then, as we always view on the broadband link, standard size viewing is ok but not enlarged screen mode.

for ennuye the channels we watch only have media player links I never seen a link for jetaudio

  The Nuclear Boy Scout 16:09 01 Feb 2004

JetAudio can access Windows Media streaming content.

  DieSse 16:27 01 Feb 2004

Powerless is quite correct - yes the quality is basically down to what you are being sent. If you can get a better quality stream (if they have them) - then things will improve, (but you may run the risk of stuttering/rebuffering).

It is true that another player MAY do a slightly better job of "undigitizing" the transmission, but the difference will be samll - and it could be worse.

  david.h 16:41 01 Feb 2004

thank you all the reply's

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