How do I import my email accounts & messages into Live Mail

  Bargee 15:56 22 Dec 2012


I've just got a new laptop with Win 7 which only offers me live Mail. I can't find anywhere in the UI to import my existing accounts & mail messages.

Do I REALLY have to set up my accounts manually & what about my existing mail messages?

I have no intention of signing up to anything, so unless I can use it as I was used to with OE, I'm not interested in using it at all. so if that's the case, what other email programs can I use with Win 7, apart from Thunderbird. I've tried an earlier version of TB years ago & couldn't get on with it, so while I'm waiting, I'm going to check out the latest version.


  iscanut 16:08 22 Dec 2012

I presume you still have OE on the "old" machine. If so try Live mail and import everything from OE to Live Mail. This page seems to suggest that you can do this >>>

  wiz-king 16:24 22 Dec 2012

I use pegasus mail with win7 and I like it. I have not tried to import an address book or mail from another program.

  iscanut 17:48 22 Dec 2012
  Bargee 08:57 23 Dec 2012

Thanks guys,

I can see where you are all coming from & it all makes a lot of sense, however, I haven't seen anywhere in any of the programs, the ability to import your email accounts. You still have to set them up manually, which will be a pain in my case as I have several, both personal & business.

Guess I'm just going to to bite the bullet & get down & do it!


  Taff™ 09:34 23 Dec 2012

I have done this many times and although I can't give you step by step instructions because my computers are buried under Christmas debris and mothballed for imminent visitors here's roughly how you do it:

For the actual account settings I usually set these up manually first as you propose but you can export the settings from OE (Without Passwords incidentally) Instructions and then import into the Windows Live Mail via File>Import menu.

On the old machine find your windows address book (.wab) and copy that to your Win7 Contacts folder. Double click the file and take the option to import into the contacts file.

On the old machine locate the OE store folder of messages (C:\Documents & Settings[Your User Name]\Local\Application Data\Identities[Random Named Folder] More detailed Instructions here Then import into Live Mail.

Hope this is detailed enough and might save you some time.

  Bargee 15:44 23 Dec 2012

Thanks Taff, that's most useful.

I'll definately get into that once I've settled down after the hols. There's no rush as the laptop won't be my primary email access device just yet, but I can refer back to your post later.

The only thing I have to do now is remember the passwords! :-0


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