how do I import Hotmail into MS Office Outlook

  AB's 11:30 26 Jun 2007

I want to start using MS Office Outlook to collect my hotmail instead of having to open a web page signing into Hotmail each time.
i want to just collect my mail and put any appointments into my diary, how do i go about it? Ive never used outlook before.
The appointments isnt a problem, but how do i get outlook to get my mail from my hotmail account?

  Sic 12:19 26 Jun 2007

click here Is from the microsoft site and is easy to follow. If you go to Google and type 'hotmail' and 'outlook' you get about 500 hits on how to configure the set up you want.

  wee eddie 13:35 26 Jun 2007

You have the "Paid for" version of Hotmail.

You cannot do it on the free Hotmail

  AB's 10:48 25 May 2008

wee eddie Said
""You can only do this if
You have the "Paid for" version of Hotmail.
You cannot do it on the free Hotmail""

So is there absoloutly no way i can make hotmail work with Outlook??

  wee eddie 14:01 25 May 2008

Spend £15 a year, or so, and Upgrade to the full version.

  dimercaprol 14:10 25 May 2008

Open Outlook - Tools - Email accounts - open new account - select "HTTP" enter your hotmail address and password etc. and you should be set to go. This has been working for me just fine using my free hotmail account (which I have had over 10 years).

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