How do I import data into spreadsheet?

  mullacaboo 09:00 16 Sep 2004

I am trying to copy data from a website (html list of names and numbers)and put it onto a works spreadsheet.I thought I could simply copy and paste it but when I do this everything goes onto the sheet in one big block with no spacing.
I would like it to space itself out across a number of cells as it appears originally so I can actually read it.
Any help would be appreciated,many thanks.

  skinny 11:56 16 Sep 2004

I've just tried this by highlighting the html data then CTRL C to copy, opening a new spreadsheet, clicked on the top left hand cell and CTRL V to paste the data into a new spreadsheet. It worked fine.
This was with Microsoft Excel though and not a Works spreadsheet, so don't know if they are the same.

  wednesday 13 12:21 16 Sep 2004

copy the data to my documents, open up the spreadsheat, on the toolbar click data>import data>selct the file>click on insert. You might have to alta the data boxes but it should work

  mullacaboo 16:08 16 Sep 2004

I do not have an import data option and the works spreadsheet does not let you simply cut and paste.I do not understand what you mean by copy the data into my documents.

  wednesday 13 21:15 06 Oct 2004

right click on the saved file>select copy>open my documents>right click in an empty space on the page>select paste. any more probs reply

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