how do i identify what kind of ram in my comp?

  holly polly 16:04 13 Jul 2003

hi ,can any one advise how i might identify what kind of ram is in my machine ,running win xp pro,also could ypu tell me if i have a stick of 256 mb of ram in i can drop a stick of 512 in to run in conjunction with it ,or does it have to be balanced ie two sticks of 256 or two sticks of 512 ,your help as allways greatly appreciated -cheers hol pol...

  graham√ 16:12 13 Jul 2003

Crucial will tell you what the PC came with, will that do? click here

  holly polly 16:20 13 Jul 2003

sorry that doesn't really help ,i would just like to know by clicking with the mouse ,if i have ddr ram or sd ram in my system ,any replies to the second part of my question?-cheers hol pol....

  keith-236785 16:22 13 Jul 2003

you can throw in a 512 M/B stick as long as your motherboard supports it, (only in windows2000 upwards,including XP) win98 only supports a total of 512, if you have one stick of 256mb in already then i would suspect it is ddr (but it could be pc133, depends on who built the computer)

you could click here and download the belarc advisor/install and run. it should help identify what is in your system.

  Valvegrid 16:31 13 Jul 2003

I can see what the RAM is on bootup in the second screen on my own computer, but I'm running Win98SE so I'm not sure if XP is the same.


  ribo 16:31 13 Jul 2003
  rubella 16:47 13 Jul 2003
  holly polly 17:05 13 Jul 2003

downloaded and installed the info tool ,told me everything i wanted to know ,many thanks to everyone who posted-hol pol...

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