How do I identify "other device"

  MarkAnthony 18:00 22 Feb 2006

I've just viewed Device Mangers 'hidden' devices and I've got an unknown device.

It shows with a yellow question mark and "other devices" with two sub-directories, both with the question mark and the legend"unknown device".

Everything that works as it's supposed to (as far as I know).

How do I find what the devices are?


  Pamy 18:10 22 Feb 2006

try a right click on them and then click properties

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 22 Feb 2006

PC inventory takers :-
Belarc click here
SIW click here
SiSandra click here

one of these will tell you all the installe equipment compare the list in device manager.

  MarkAnthony 21:05 22 Feb 2006

Belarc & SIW don't show anything out of the ordinary and I can't make head-nor-tails of the vast amounts of info SiSandra provides.

I'm now assuming the entries are phantoms so I've uninstalled both of them and restarted. Nothing new was found on start-up and everyting seems to be working fine (so far).

Thanks for the replies.

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