How do I identify modem type/driver please

  Halmer 09:45 08 Nov 2003

I do not have the disk that came with the PC.

Do I just let the Hardward wizard find one that is already installed via the Windows disk?

If not, how do I know which one to download from the net, i.e. How do I identify the modem/chipset manufacturer please?

  temp003 10:01 08 Nov 2003

If you don't have the driver disk, let Windows try and install the driver for it first. Then go to Device Manager to check whether the driver is installed. If you don't see a yellow exclamation mark, then test the modem to see if it works.

If Windows cannot install a proper driver for it, you'll see a yellow exclamation mark, and the modem will usually be described as a PCI Communications Device.

You may receive advice to download software to find out the model of the device. The truth is, most of this type of software relies on what is recorded by Windows itself, and make a report of it. If Windows can't install the proper driver, this type of software is not much use.

You will have to open up the case, plug out the modem PCI card, and see whether it says what brand and model it is (even then you may not find it).

If your computer is an OEM computer, and you still have the brand and model number of the computer, you may be able to find out what modem it is on the internet.

  Halmer 10:05 08 Nov 2003

What is an OEM computer?

  temp003 10:10 08 Nov 2003

click here and see if any of that information helps.

  temp003 10:14 08 Nov 2003

OEM - original equipment manufacturer. An OEM computer is just a whole computer made by a manufacturer (not assembled by yourself or a retail shop). For example, a Dell, HP, Time, Multivision computer, each has a model number with standard specifications. Their websites may contain information on hardware specifications including what modem is used, and if you are lucky, you may even be able to download the modem driver from their sites.

  spuds 13:49 08 Nov 2003

If you are not sure of your computer system, why not try one or both of the following free downloads, Belarc click here or click here Both these programmes will give you an insight to your computer.

  [DELETED] 13:54 08 Nov 2003

Best way is to open pc and look,then you might see somtin on the modem card that points you in the right direction,there is a site fcc site or somethin that can tell you what/who made chipset modem as they all have to conform to certain standards,none interference with tvs and stuff.


  Halmer 21:03 08 Nov 2003

took the PC case off in the end.

It says Rockwell RS56 or something like that.

Managed to get a couple of drivers from DriverGuide that maught work.

I'll try asap.

  Eastender 21:38 08 Nov 2003

The 'Unknown Devices' program is quite useful click here

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