How do I get XP pro to recognise Winmodem

  User-7BF0BA46-9383-43F9-A74EB865DFA586D5 10:34 17 Dec 2004

Never needed to use it before, got broadband, but now need to send faxes, and machine refuses to see the modem.

Am informed its a winmodem, came with machine, and it fits in slot that is dmaller than PCI slot, would change to a PCI modem, but no available slots in my machine.

Any help greatly appreciated



  Gongoozler 10:43 17 Dec 2004

There is another type of slot called an AMR slot, it was intended specifically for audio and modems, but never really caught on. There is a picture of one here click here. If Windows XP doesn't recognise your modem automatically, then perhaps you need to get drivers for it. Alternatively you can use an external USB here

  woodchip 10:44 17 Dec 2004

The slot is a AMR or CNR you have to load drivers for this port slot before windows will see the modem. If you have reloade XP etc it will have removed the drivers for the above. Thes drivers come with motherboard CD. Or you may be able to download if you know what Motherboard is fitted

thanks, thats the slot.

Problem I have, is that usb modem is another piece of hardware that would add to the amazing amount of exteran stuff already connected taking up space (dvd drive, hard drive, router, etc) so would really like to try and get this thing in the machine working.

XP does not see it as a plug and play device, and I have no idea as to manufacturer, so no knowledge of where to find drivers.
(machine was win 98, before upgrade to XP and I cannot locate original cd that came with machine. Teach me to clear out after upgrading (bad move)

  Gongoozler 10:55 17 Dec 2004

Have a look at the chips on the card and post here any markings you can see. With that info it is often possible to track down the chipset and find the correct drivers.

  woodchip 11:17 17 Dec 2004

If it did not need drivers for the Slot then Why do they put them on a Motherboard CD??? Ad experience of this on other computers and you will not get it to run unless you load the correct drivers. You will be running round in rings until

Just found nice utility program "driverguide" it found what the modem was, sent me to the driver guide website, where a driver was found , just about to try and install it now

Done it, sent fax, thanks for all your comments, they did help me look in right places, found driver at

click here

thanks again

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