how do I get word97?

  mco 18:50 08 May 2004

yes I know it's old but: at my work they use word97 and at home I have Openoffice. I can't bring stuff from home and use it at work (I'm a teacher and talking reports, for example, that have been set up at school and that I would fill in at home) I'm wondering how I can aquire it for use at home - I run Win98 so I couldn't get any of the newer ones I saw at PC world because they need XP. Or.. is there another way round the issue?

  Djohn 18:54 08 May 2004

If it's just Word 97 that you require and not the full office, I have a genuine copy of Word 97 with serial number and you are welcome to it if it is of use.

  VoG II 18:56 08 May 2004

The Gentleman of the Forum comes to the rescue - Yet Again :o))

Evening Djohn.

  mco 19:07 08 May 2004

Gentleman of the Forum I would be most appreciative! Tell me what to do to get in touch!

  VoG II 19:12 08 May 2004

Click on the yellow envelope next to Djohn's name and you can e-mail him.

  mco 19:24 08 May 2004

well, just that - thanks VoG

  Djohn 20:07 08 May 2004

Your welcome. I've received your mail and replied to you. The disk will be in the post first thing Monday. j.

  Djohn 20:15 08 May 2004

Sorry. Hi VoG, hope you are keeping well? :o)

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