how do I get the taskbar back to 1 line

  bigal1808 15:31 04 May 2010

I've mucked this up before and posted a question in this forum.

This was the answer I go then -
Right click on the task bar and remove tick from "lock taskbar" then click and drag down the top most bar

But it won't work for me this time.

what am I doing wrong, please?

as always - your help will be much appreciated.


  Ventad 15:36 04 May 2010

Works for me on VISTA. R/click the task bar, untick lock taskbar, then put your pointer on the top line until it turns into a double ended arrow then drag to make smaller or larger. r/click task bar and relock.

  Ventad 16:44 04 May 2010

Should have said "once pointer turns to double ended arrow, left click and drag"

  I am Spartacus 21:58 04 May 2010

If you have items on both lines e.g. Quick Launch Bar on one line and open applications on the second line it won't allow you to shrink it. Just close all applications and then try it.

  bigal1808 09:33 05 May 2010

ventad - thanks -tried that, but I don't get a double ended arrow, just a single arrow.

spartacus - OK - I didn't have anything on the bottom line - well, I did, but I closed it - still can't drag the top row down, any ideas.

should have said, but you've probably guessed, I'm running XP pro.
thanks to both of you.

  Ventad 10:59 05 May 2010

By your answer to spartacus it sounds as though you have too much open on the bar try closing them down, windows might be keeping it open for requirement. Try right clicking task bar click properties and click notification tab, tick icons-hide inactive icons, apply. then try again.

  Sea Urchin 12:10 05 May 2010

"I don't get a double ended arrow, just a single arrow"

Sounds as if you are referring to the cursor arrow - I don't know what other "single arrow" there would be. You need to place the point of that arrow right on the top edge of the taskbar until it changes to the double-headed arrow, but it will only work if the taskbar is unlocked.

  bigal1808 08:59 06 May 2010

ok guys, I've got it down to one line.
now I want to drag some quick launch icons down onto the taskbar,
but when I do that, it pops up to two lines again.

if I lock it in place,
I can't drag anything down.

any ideas, now please.

  Sea Urchin 10:04 06 May 2010

Which part of the taskbar are you dragging them to? It needs to be onto the Quick Launch area beside the Start button. To make that area larger unlock the taskbar and drag the two vertical dotted lines to the right - then relock.

  bigal1808 14:29 06 May 2010

don't ask me how, but I've done it.
I hate the taskbar - it always gives me trouble!
anyway - thank you, everybody for all your help.
I'm going to tick this as resolved.
thanks again.

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