How do I get the start page back to normal??

  laptopdunce 09:44 09 Jul 2014

I have just been trying to clean out my keyboard (connected to laptop as I cant use those horrible flat laptop keyboards) and I must have pressed some keys when holding the keyboard upside down to tap out all the crumbs and rubbish inside it, then my screen went to "landscape" and the mouse is only showing an "arrow" which doesnt move around properly. I have started up in safe-mode with netwerking to be able to get it working properly to type this request, but when I start up the laptop in normal mode it goes back to the landscape picture and the mouse showing an "arrow" and not moving around properly. So my question is: what do I do to get the screen back to normal and the mouse working properly? Thanks alot! on my own and havent a CLUE what to do!! LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 11:58 09 Jul 2014

I have tried in safe mode and safe mode with networking and the opening screen is fine (though limited options) and the mouse works fine and the page is in normal "portrait" mode but when I go to log on into the normal mode it still comes up in "landscape" mode with the mouse not working properly (I think it opened a Paint program and this is why there is an arrow that is not moving properly) and I have to turn the on/off button manually to turn off as I can get the mouse to go to "log off" or anything, Oh, these bloody computers are a PIA - what can I do now? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 12:16 09 Jul 2014

HURRAH!! Thanks alot!!! that ctrl+alt+arrow up got the screen back to normal and the mouse is working fine now too, dont know why the mouse was jammed up before, I must ONLY clean the keyboard out by bashing it against the desk upside down when the computer is turned OFF from now on, Thanks!! LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 16:06 09 Jul 2014


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