How do I get rid of Supanet signup screen?

  A15 00:12 23 Jul 2003

Just helped a friend set up his new computer from Tiny. All is well, except for extremely annoying Supanet signup screen which appears everytime time you start computer. Have tried to find file & delete but no joy so far. Does anybody know how to get rid of this extreme annoyance?

My friend does not want Supanet as he uses NTL broadband. Can anybody help? Cheers.


  Djohn 00:27 23 Jul 2003

Have you tried, Start/all programs, to see if it is listed? Or Start/search, then type in the name of the file in search box. j.

  Gaz 25 00:37 23 Jul 2003

All you need to do is delete Inetsignup.exe or if not that:

Start > Run > Type: msconfig and go to start up

Delete the entry for Internet Sign-up.

  A15 11:38 23 Jul 2003

Thanks, but have tried that. It does not appear under start/all programs or anywhere in the delete programs list. I have searched for it under selective startup to see if a file is set to autorun but no joy. I cannot find any obvious signs of a file or program that would make this annoying pop up screen appear.

Gaz 25

Thanks also, I am going over to see my friend this evening & will try your suggestion then.

p.s. forgot to mention above that my friend's OS is Win XP home, but I suppose that's pretty obvious being a new computer!

Cheers all.

  Andrew P 11:55 23 Jul 2003

Such as the one for SupaNet, are located in C:\Program Files\Interent Explorer\Signup. Simply delete that folder, and Voila! No more SupaNet signup to irratate you! Deleting that folder will also get rid of any annoying Supanet icons you may have at the top right of the internet explorer window.

Gaz 25's advice should also work.

Andrew P :o)

  Mike2002 11:59 23 Jul 2003

How about getting back to Tiny and see if they can help. There must be other users who are having the same annoyance.

  Mike2002 12:03 23 Jul 2003

I see that all Time computers carry supanet as their preinstalled Internet Service Provider.
There must be a way of uninstalling it somehow.

  A15 13:50 23 Jul 2003

Thanks for that advice, but funnily enough I tried that before posting here last night, it does not seem to have made any difference. located signup folder in program files\internet explorer\signup & deleted it but the annoying screen was back next time I restarted the computer. Unless it somehow replaced itself, I did not check for that.


Thanks also, it is my understanding that my friend has contacted Tiny & they were of no help! I have emailed the tech support group at Supanet asking them but as yet have had no reply, I won't hold my breath!!

Cheers for the replies & keep the good ideas flowing!


  Jomi 14:38 23 Jul 2003

The salesman told me it only opens once, if you don't sign up that's it!!!!

What I did was to do a search for supanet and delete everything I found, then go to start,run, type regedit, when the registry editor opens go to edit, find, and search again for supanet deleting those entries.

It was a real pain but gone now!

  A15 15:23 23 Jul 2003

Thanks for that, will try it this evening. I was afraid somebody was going to suggest editing the registry. I suppose there must be an entry in there that makes it keep appearing.

  Jomi 15:53 23 Jul 2003

It was a worry for me too! but you'll only delete anything called supanet, I had no ill effects from that.
There are downloads which can remove unused registry entries for you if you want to go that far.

If you're on ME or XP, set a restore point before you start if you're really worried.

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