how do i get rid of (sent) e-mails which will not send!

  Joanna B 15:00 14 Dec 2012

Hi, I prepared 12 separate e-mails earlier today, 10 of which had a video clip attached. Since then my Windows Live Mail keeps telling me it is sending the e-mails but I then get a message saying "error". I have tried cancelling the send but it doesn't work. I cannot now send out any other e-mails due to this blockage. Is there any way I can delete the e-mails which Windows Live Mail is (still) trying to send? Thanks, Joanna

  Nontek 15:03 14 Dec 2012

Do a normal re-start of your computer and then Delete the wayward emails.

  Joanna B 15:06 14 Dec 2012

Thanks for quick response and, without sounding too dumb, what do I go into to delete these wayward e-mails once I log on again?

  difarn 15:10 14 Dec 2012

I'm wondering if you click File on Internet Explorer and tick "work offline" then click on the messages whether you will be allowed to delete them.

  Joanna B 15:23 14 Dec 2012

I have tried logging off and back on again but as soon as I log on, Windows Live Mail starts to try to send the e-mails again.
I have also tried working offline but whether working online or offline, there is no-where I can access these e-mails to even delete them!

  Secret-Squirrel 15:37 14 Dec 2012

"there is no-where I can access these e-mails to even delete them!"

They should be in WLM's "Outbox".

Have a look in the far left-hand pane where your e-mail folders are such as Inbox, Sent Items etc. The one at the very bottom of that list should be the Outbox so go in and delete those pesky messages. If you can't immediately see the Outbox then you may need to scroll down a bit.

  Joanna B 15:45 14 Dec 2012

I tried following Luke Shepps response but I got as far as App Data and then Local, but it didn't then give the option of Microsoft/Windows Live.

  Joanna B 15:48 14 Dec 2012

Thanks Secret Squirrel, I knew it would be something sooooo simple as going to an Outbox. I will know in future!!

Many thanks everyone else for their input.

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