How do I get rid of redirect?

  DenyseCoughlan 09:12 01 Oct 2014

I am running Windows 8.1 with Chrome and Kapersky internet security. I cannot uninstall the programme as it doesn't show up in uninstall. I have run a full scan using Kapersky and nothing shows up. It is driving me mad! I have seen some, "Solutions", but would rather a source that I trust! Thank you

  DenyseCoughlan 09:55 01 Oct 2014

Thank you will give that a try!

  spuds 10:07 01 Oct 2014

You will most likely find that using AWDCleaner, will locate the 'infection', and probably indicate that it can remove the item, yet it will still appear on your computer. There are a number of nasty programmes that can prove very difficult to remove.

What I would suggest that you do, if AWDCleaner fails, and the nasty returns, then look on the interner for a secure version of Malwarebytes Anti-Root Kit, and download and try that. Take into consideration that this Anti-Root Kit is still in beta format, but it will update to latest version. I must warn you though, that using any programme need caution, don;t just think that its a case of clicking on a tag, and everything will be fine in an easy manner.

You could also try going to back to a much earlier restore point, if you do regular restore points or back-ups. And see if that helps.

  spuds 12:33 01 Oct 2014


As far as I was aware this Malwarebytes root-kit is something new, trial version, and in beta form. The programme didn't seem to mention anything about Pro or free trial on the original version of Malwarebytes.

I might possibly soon find out, because I have been offered a 3 user version of Malwarebyte Pro.

This is the secure link to the programme that I used click here

  DenyseCoughlan 11:47 02 Oct 2014

The scan from malawarebytes didn't work I will try a restore point.

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