How Do I Get Rid Of LoveX

  s99Raj 21:18 11 Sep 2003

My friend has something called LoveX or Lovex on his PC (running Windows ME), which no doubt came from the Net and has installed itself on his PC. It puts up a little icon on the taskbar, and when you click on it, up pops some porn window asking if you want to dial some premium rate number.

It has disabled the Start button/menu so I can't get into Run/msconfig and try to delete it or to get into the registry. I've tried Ctrl-Alt-Delete to End Task and to leave only Explorer and Systray there but the Start button is still disabled. In Safe Mode I can't even use System Restore - for some reason a blank window pops up headed System Restore.

I've tried step-by-step confirmation (after pressing F8) at startup to see if LoveX appears but it doesn't.

Can anyone help please?

  BarryKeith 22:09 11 Sep 2003

Have a look in the windows folder for a file named "Dialler.exe or LoveX Dialler.exe or LoveX.exe" the icon will probably be the same as that shown on the taskbar, if you don't see the file there look in system32 folder in windows, when you find it, try deleting it and restarting your computer, it may complain that it can't find the file, but you should be able to eradicate the rest of it once it's inoperative.

  s99Raj 07:22 12 Sep 2003

I've done all that and did find and delete a few instances of Dialler.exe and LoveX.exe. I've now restarted the system and although there doesn't seem to be signs of LoveX, the Start button is still disabled and I still can't use System Restore in Safe Mode.

  jolorna 07:39 12 Sep 2003

does your windows key still work to bring the start menu up

  s99Raj 10:54 12 Sep 2003

No, I tried that - the Windows key doesn't work either.

  BRYNIT 10:55 12 Sep 2003

If you click on my computer and go to C:\windows\system32\restore and click on rstrui.exe you can then restore from here.

  s99Raj 17:19 12 Sep 2003

Tried that - it just comes up with a blank dialog box headed System Restore.

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