How do I get rid of bing??

  Housten 15:53 27 Jun 2017

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

Some of you may know that my wife and I have had some trouble because of our router going down. My notebook was - obviously - also affected but it now has bing on it. I do not under any circumstances want this on any computer of mine. Biased? Probably, but that is my decision. Whilst talking to my wife about it she asked why I just didn't delete it? I thought that there might be more problems created but if it got rid of bing it would be worth it. So I did a search for bing and found that it was in 21 locations on my notebook. I looked down the list and it looks like 20 of these items are icons but there was a location listed. This was "c:\Program files(86)\Common files\Windows Live\cache\17473fd32...". I followed this, then got my wife to come and check that I had followed the correct address. I did this because the folder 'Windows Live' is stated to be empty!!! Does anyone have any idea how a computer can search its own contents and find information in a blank folder? This is something to which a reply will be most interesting!!!

Notwithstanding the above can anyone tell me how to get rid of bing in the first place. I have tried a couple of things that work on IE11 but bing doesn't have them and so am utterly lost. I would be very grateful if anyone can help me.

Many, many thanks to everyone who replies. Thank you.

  difarn 17:38 27 Jun 2017

Have you followed these instructions?

click here

  MLA2000 12:12 28 Jun 2017

Bing is s Microsoft service bundled with Windows, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft apps. Your notebook is likely finding results because Windows has marked those files as hidden - Microsoft don't want people changing the contents of Program Files needlessly.

Under Windows 7 you can try to remove Bing by removing "Bing Bar" from programs and features, you can also change your browser settings (instructions linked are for Google but can work for anything).

Do not go to extreme lengths to remove Bing from your system, attempting to delete program files can cause problems. Bing was likely installed through an automatic Windows update (And it is, and has been the default for Internet explorer since its creation)

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