how do i get rid of avira?

  bradfordboy 03:48 06 Sep 2013

please how do i get rid of avira? i have removed it but its still on my comp i dont want it anymore but it keeps updating i now have avast and i use windows 7

  onthelimit1 08:10 06 Sep 2013

I'd try reinstalling it, then using the free Revouninstaller - this gives the option to delete all the left-over registry keys after the programme's own installer has run.

  spuds 09:33 06 Sep 2013

You could also try Revo Uninstaller, that should remove any remnants left behind. But follow the instructions first!.

  bradfordboy 15:19 06 Sep 2013

thank you so much it worked, just got to get rid of the v9 virus now

  bradfordboy 15:21 06 Sep 2013

thank you guys so much it worked, just got to find a way to get rid of the v9 virus now

  spuds 16:07 06 Sep 2013


Whoops, just re-read your post and my post. Apologies for my oversight.

  Nontek 16:27 06 Sep 2013

MalwareBytes should get rid of v9 for you.


  bradfordboy 16:43 07 Sep 2013

no it won't i'm afraid tried it nothing will get rid of it

  spuds 18:16 07 Sep 2013

If you want to get rid of v9, then just put "how to get rid of v9 virus" in a Google search, and you will find quite a number of possibilities for removal. Far to many for me to list.

  bradfordboy 00:51 08 Sep 2013

thanks i did that but its far to advanced for me to try remove it manually i was just hoping there was some programme available that would deal with it but apparently there is nothing available

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