How do I get rid of annoying pop ups?

  The plant man. 15:14 06 Jun 2018

Hi all, Im new to this forum. Ive got an Acer laptop and its got some sort of virus where I get these pop ups advertising anything from Bitcoin to Russian brides. Ive got Adblock already installed but to no avail, they keep on coming! I assume I may have to uninstall something but what? Any advice greatly apprec.

  rdave13 15:38 06 Jun 2018

If your security software can't remove this bug try Malwarebytes AdwCleaner. It's free and good at removing adware. click here.

  wiganken2 08:13 09 Jun 2018

The question is in in English so reply in English. Or is it a spammer?

  wiganken2 11:39 09 Jun 2018

Weird! Why did I see a reply in Spanish but it's not there now? Did FE remove it?

  wee eddie 23:04 26 Jun 2018

I would be very wary of any program that was telling you that it had saved you from Ransomware, a couple of times.

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