How do I get rid of annoying pop ups?

  The plant man. 15:14 06 Jun 2018

Hi all, Im new to this forum. Ive got an Acer laptop and its got some sort of virus where I get these pop ups advertising anything from Bitcoin to Russian brides. Ive got Adblock already installed but to no avail, they keep on coming! I assume I may have to uninstall something but what? Any advice greatly apprec.

  rdave13 15:38 06 Jun 2018

If your security software can't remove this bug try Malwarebytes AdwCleaner. It's free and good at removing adware. click here.

  wiganken2 08:13 09 Jun 2018

The question is in in English so reply in English. Or is it a spammer?

  wiganken2 11:39 09 Jun 2018

Weird! Why did I see a reply in Spanish but it's not there now? Did FE remove it?

  mariroma 14:09 12 Jun 2018

The best way to get rid of pop ups is to avoid them. All i mean to say here is, it is very important to browse safely in order to avoid unwanted pop ups to enter your system. All you can do for this is:

  1. Avoid clicking on unknown links.

  2. don't download software from malicious sites or unauthorized sites.

  3. Dont click on anything without thinking.

  4. Be alert while browsing.

Follow these rules to avoid pop ups on your browser.

Though if you have one, you may use a good ad blocker to get rid of it like Adblock plus, Ablock Plus, AdFender.

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