How do i get rid of this?

  collinsc 09:57 18 Aug 2007


A while back i had problems with my printer- so i tried to install the driver from the net. Then i found out the printer was unplugged! so i cancelled the download.

However, it is still trying to download and i cant get rid of it by clicking 'cancel' or 'ok'. This is what happens...

Log on, message comes up saying "copying files" to D:\enu\drivers\win2k_xp\hpzrp305.dll. Then a message comes up saying "Files needed"...
'The file hpzrp305.dll on (unknown) is needed. Type the path where the file is located, then click OK. Copy files from ':\enu\drivers\win2k_xp'.

I just want to get rid of it now! any suggestions?


  User-1159794 10:11 18 Aug 2007

Does this begin when you boot your PC,if so go to start,run,msconfig,stirrup,and uncheck the box relating to your download.

This is not a complete solution to your problem,but its a start.
No doubt you will get other,more knowledgeable advice,on how to resolve this.

  Graham. 10:15 18 Aug 2007

Go back to where you were downloading from and start again.

  collinsc 10:16 18 Aug 2007

I was downloading a drivfer for my printer, but then we realised it wasnt plugged in properly!

will rapscallions suggestion work? as a complete solution...


  collinsc 13:54 18 Aug 2007

stirrup? you mean start up?
thanks- just tried that- its not in the list.....

  collinsc 14:29 18 Aug 2007

i havent tried grahams suggestion- as i cant remember where i was dl from, and i no longer want the dl.

i cannot see it in add or remove either.

i was advised to use this: click here

but my firewall doesnt like it! says high risk.

  Pineman100 16:30 18 Aug 2007

You may not want the download now, but getting a full download of it could solve your problem.

Can't you Google for it, and try again?

  collinsc 17:37 18 Aug 2007

i have googled it. people have had same prob- but no solution!

click here

  collinsc 12:04 19 Aug 2007

im still using the printer ewith the old driver- yes.

yes- you are probably right- must have got it from the site.

there must be a way to keep the old driver i want and get rid of the half dl one!?

  thms 13:01 19 Aug 2007

Have a look here
click here
Download create a folder in my documents and extract to there. When you get the error message direct it to the folder and this will complete the task.

  collinsc 11:44 13 Jan 2008

For those who have had this error mesage- below is HPS response. I do have a quer on it though. solution 2.5 says to delete any file which starts with "hp". Im nervous to do this- but they have confirmed this is the way to go. What does anyone think?


These messages usually appear during a second attempt to install the printer driver after a previous attempt failed.

To isolate the issue, please follow the below steps:

On the file missing error message box, click the Browse button.
Select the correct drive letter of the CD-ROM drive that contains the HP printer driver CD.
Search the root directory of the CD (x:\) for the missing file. If the file is not in the root directory, open the appropriate Windows driver version folder located on the HP printer driver CD to locate the file.
Find the language code for the language of the operating system in the table below.
Language Language code
Czech Csy
Danish Dan
Dutch Nld
English Enu
Finnish Fin
French Fra
German Deu
Hungarian Hun
Italian Ita
Japanese Jpn
Korean Kor
Norwegian Non
Polish Plk
Portuguese Ptb
Russian Rus
Simplified Chinese Chs
Spanish Esm
Swedish Svc
Thai Tha
Traditional Chinese Cht

Click the correct language folder, drivers folder, and the correct operating system folder.
Click Open to return to the error message dialog box.
Click Open to continue with the installation. If the error message still appears, consult solution two.
Solution two
A residual file that was left on the computer after a failed installation attempt is the cause of most of the missing file error messages. Remove these files and reinstall the driver. Follow the steps below.
Click Cancel to close the error message dialog box and return to the desktop.
Click Start , then Run .
In the Run dialog box, type c:\windows\inf for Windows XP.

Ensure the system will display hidden and system files by clicking Tools , Folder Options , View , then Show Hidden and System Files .
Locate and delete the printer specific files.
NOTE: The files are usually descriptive. The actual printer number will start with HP and be within the file with the file name.

From the current folder, locate and double-click the Other folder (c:\windows\inf\other). Once again look for and delete the necessary printer files.
NOTE: The Other file might not be present in some operating systems.

Close the screen back to the desktop.
Select Search for and delete the oemXX.inf file by following the steps below, which are specific for each operating system.
In Windows XP, click Start , Search , then Files and Folders . In the look for file named box, type oem and in the text box type hpz . The look in field should indicate the C drive. Under the More Advanced Options make sure that everything is checked except for Case Sensitive and Search Tape Back up.
Click the appropriate search start button. Highlight and delete all found files.
Return to the main Windows screen and empty the Recycle Bin.
NOTE: If the printer enumerated during the failed installation, remove the printer enumeration from the Windows registry so that a Plug and Play event can occur.

Reinstall the driver.
If the problem persists move to solution three.
Solution three
This option should only be implemented if the other solutions are not successful in resolving the issue. This solution carries the risk of deleting other HP products on the system. Check to see if other HP printers are installed on the computer. If so, the other HP printers will have to be reinstalled.
Locate and delete the hpz*.* , and hpf*.* files by following the steps below, which are specific to each operating system.
In Windows XP, click Start , Search , then Files and Folders . In the look for file named line, type Hpz*.* . The look in field should indicate the C drive. Under the More Advanced Options make sure that everything is checked except for Case Sensitive and Search Tape Back up.
Locate and delete all found files. Most likely there will be a few files that will not delete. Skip them and delete the rest.
Repeat the search process for the hpf*.* files.
This should resolve the issue. If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.

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