How do I get past page 10 in the Helproom?

  pj123 11:33 28 Apr 2003

I am trying to find an old thread on the Helproom but I can only access up to 10 pages. I can't do a search because I don't remember what the thread title was. In MY POSTINGS I can go back beyond page 10 but not in the Helproom?

  MAJ 11:45 28 Apr 2003

On a quick glance, it looks like you can't, pj123, but if you're looking for one of your own posts, try "My POstings" from the dropdown "Jump to" menu at the bottom. The search engine at the top might be your only other option.

  pj123 12:35 28 Apr 2003

It wasn't one of MY Postings, or even someone else's posting that I had responded to. It was just a thread that made interesting reading. I know, I know, I should have saved it but I didn't.

It's a shame really, because a new thread has just come up which the very old thread I am looking for would have answered the question.

But because I can't remember all the instructions I thought I would try and find it and put a "click here" link on.

Maybe we should have a "Jump to" for previous months threads?

  CODEYE 22:20 28 Apr 2003

like you I have wanted to go further back than 10 pages,could the F.E. help?

  MAJ 22:25 28 Apr 2003

What was the thread about, pj123, maybe someone remembers it or has it in their "My Postings".

  PSF 22:41 28 Apr 2003

While on the same subject do 'my postings' also stop at 10 pages. I am on 10 pages now, do the older ones just disappear??

  VoG™ 22:43 28 Apr 2003

pj123 - you can't.

PSF - you can go back as far as you want.

As to why this is, you will have to ask "The Management".

  PSF 22:48 28 Apr 2003

Thanks for that, I was not sure what happened after 10 pages. ;-)

  pj123 22:56 28 Apr 2003

It was about... God my memory is short!.. Ah yes it was about changing the "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by ..... " it gave instructions on how to remove an old "provided by" and enabled one to put whatever you want after the "by" eg Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Mickey Mouse, or whatever else you wanted.

ring any bells??

  Pesala 22:58 28 Apr 2003

I did a search for "and" in all discussion expecting to get a long list of threads dating back to the beginning, but the results are limited to 100 threads.

Try to remember just one unusual word that was definitely contained in the thread and search for that, e.g. "486"

  johnem 23:10 28 Apr 2003

pj123, I have looked back through some of my old postings and found the following info, click here
Hopefully if you can access this it might help.

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