How do I get into Password protected Bios

  bradwell boy 19:02 06 Oct 2003

Friend has a 15th hand computer and has added a printer with a USB port. The set-up of the printer requires him to go into the bios and change two of the settings. He cannot get into the bios set-up as it has been password protected somewhere along the line. Is there a way to bypass this or to determine the password?

  powerless 19:09 06 Oct 2003

Open the PC up and there should be a circular battery. Take it out and leave it out for about err 5, 10 mins then pop it back in.

However make a note of all BIOS settings. Then when the battery is replaced the BIOS will default and any chnages that were made would be lost.

Just check with your notes for any differences and change accordingly.

  gold 47 19:11 06 Oct 2003

Remove the battery leave it for an hour or two and replace the battery again the password should have been removed.Unless someone on the forum knows better.

  powerless 19:12 06 Oct 2003

I know no such person.

  Rayuk 19:19 06 Oct 2003

Do you work for Microsoft?

"Make a note of bios settings"

  powerless 19:23 06 Oct 2003

Mr Microsoft UK :-)

  mark e 19:36 06 Oct 2003

just a thought? I tried as suggested it failed because I never removed the plug from the 240v supply it only worked after the plug & battery was removed.


  Belatucadrus 19:53 06 Oct 2003

The password may be a default one set by the BIOS manufacturer, here is a page listing some of those used click here

  mark e 21:17 06 Oct 2003

You have ticked this as resolved but not explained how?

How do you expect others in the forum to learn if you don't divulge how you resolved it.


  bugsy.m 21:41 06 Oct 2003

How do you make 'anote of the bios settings' if you cannot get into the bios ????

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