how do i get an old game to work again??

  KERRO01 19:55 26 Jun 2006

i have a game for my pc called gtr racing that i uninstalled about a month ago. but i wanted to play it again so i installed it again but when i try to run it, it restarts my pc. can any of you guys please help me?

  wolfie3000 19:58 26 Jun 2006

Are there any error messages before it shuts down?

  KERRO01 20:07 26 Jun 2006

no none. the screen gose black as tho it is going to boot. and then the pc just restarts

  wolfie3000 20:09 26 Jun 2006

Well all i can say as i dont know the game is to check that your directx is behaving itself by clicking on start then run then typing dxdiag and check everything is ok if thats ok then try a re install from scratch.

  KERRO01 20:25 26 Jun 2006

how do i do one from scratch. is that not what i done by uninstalling and reinstalling it?

  wolfie3000 20:34 26 Jun 2006

yes kerro01 it is.

Its a hard one.

Try this on there forums its the closest to your problem on there forum or register with the forum and post the problem there.

click here

And might be an idea to download any updates.

click here

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