How do I get OE to flag me

  pj123 11:51 23 May 2005

when a new email has arrived?

I am expecting a very important email with a time limit. I have ticked the boxes in Tools, Options that say: Play sound when new messages arrive and Check for new messages every ten minutues.
I sent myself a test message but didn't get flagged. So I am having to manually check for new messages every ten minutes.

Windows 98SE.

  Lionheart ? 12:01 23 May 2005

You could try this click here

  Yokel 13:22 23 May 2005

Have you got a tick in the box at Tools-Accounts-Mail-(Select account)-Properties-"Include this account. . ." ?
Have you got a sound assigned to "New mail notification" ?

  pj123 13:42 23 May 2005

Lionheart ?, That seems to be for Outlook only, I am using Outlook Express, but thanks anyway.

Thanks, Yokel. Thought that might be the answer, but not to be I'm afraid. Did what you said. Sent myself another test email. Nothing. Only played the sound when I checked manually for new emails. Doesn't seem to alert me when I am doing something else, like surfing the PCA Forum.

  Lionheart ? 14:22 23 May 2005

Just tried it with Outlook Express, works fine.

  Curio 14:34 23 May 2005

You could install Incredimail until your urgent message received then uninstall it. Choice of free indicators of new mail. I personally prefer it to O.E.

  GroupFC 14:43 23 May 2005

Bit of a long shot but - you have got a tick in the box "check for new messages every xx minutes", haven't you?

This is under tools>options and on the general tab under send/recieve messages.

And you do keep OE open while your surfing, don't you? (bit of a silly question that one really!).

  GroupFC 14:46 23 May 2005


Must read the postings more carefully........!!
Must read the postings more carefully........!!
Must read the postings more carefully........!!

  pj123 14:46 23 May 2005

Lionheart ?. Thanks. I didn't actually download anything because it seemed to be only for Outlook. Have now downloaded something called Poppy for windows. I now have an envelope in my system tray. But I have sent myself another email and still nothing happens to alert me to new emails. Would you like to send me a test email via the envelope? Thanks.

  pj123 14:48 23 May 2005

Just checked my email again Manually and I have 8 new emails. Not one of them came up with any alert.

  pj123 14:54 23 May 2005

GroupFC, Don't worry, done the same thing myself many times. But yes and yes to your post. I changed it from the default 30 minutes to 10 minutes. I really need to respond to this email as soon as I get it, because of the deadline, so I am checking manually every few minutes.

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