how do i get my router onto aol?

  mderek493 21:09 30 Dec 2005

i bought a wireless adsl router andwireless desctop adapter for my pc and cant get them working can anyone please help me

  ton 22:44 30 Dec 2005

which router?

  ton 22:39 31 Dec 2005

From email:

"the router is a trendnet tew-435brm wireless adsl modem and i have a bt voyager 1040 desktop adapter for my other internet connection has a bt voyager 105 modem. do i replace this with my wireless modem ??????????? im puzzled".

You don't need your BT Voyager 105 modem as the router has a modem built in.

The 1040 adapter goes in the second PC to receive internet through wireless.

For AOL you need to set up another screen name just for the router.
When the router is set up and switched on it will connect to AOL without the use of the PC.

You can then start either PC and you will already have the internet connection, if you want to log in to the AOL site you must use a different screen name to the router.

If you go to AOL home page - Keyword = router you should find info about setting up.

You will find that your router is not supported but this just means they won't help.
AOL should work with any router.

  Zebrapec 23:16 31 Dec 2005

Hi, this is the info I got from aol for my wireless router,
Connection Protocol: PPPoA (VCMUX or VCBASED)
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
(VPI/VCI): 0,38

MTU: 1400
MRU: 1400

Username: your [email protected]
Password: your password

AOL then said this:- we recommend that you creat a new screen name which your router can use to connect to aol - because if you use your existing screenname from another location, your router will loose its connection to aol.

You must also follow the following rules:
1. The screenname must be entered in lower case letters.
2. your screenname must be in AOL e-mail format
3. your screenname must not contain any spaces
4. your screenname must have General (18+) Parental Access.

1. the password must be between Six to Eight characters long.
2. the password must contain letters and numbers only (no spaces)
3. the password must be in all lower case.

NOTE: the username is the name that you used to first register with AOL, and is usually at the top of the list of names.

I hope this helps, I have wrote this exactly as I received it from AOL.

  mderek493 19:46 01 Jan 2006

ty to all who helped me with my problem ty

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