How do i get my PC to recognise a new Hard Drive?

  [DELETED] 14:49 23 Sep 2003

Hey again guys.

Ive just installed a small Hard Drive, the bios picks it up as a Quantem something, which is fine, and Windows seems to have picked it up as if i goto device manager, disk drives, its there waswell as my main hard drive.

However, heres the problem, when i goto my computer, theres noting there, you know, you should get like a little icon, as my main hard drive has one, aswell as my cd drive and cd re writer, but my new hardd rive just isnt there, i cant install anything onto it or anything.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?


  [DELETED] 14:54 23 Sep 2003

you have to fdisk and format it - - - do a search on this forum, more threads than you can shake a stick at. Careful when fdisking though, make sure you have selected correct drive.

  [DELETED] 15:16 23 Sep 2003

This site may be of some use regarding fitting a new hard drive click here

  [DELETED] 15:18 23 Sep 2003

If you are using XP then right click on the "My Computer Icon, choose "Manage" then from the window that comes up, click on "Disk management". You will see your new hard drive in the right hand window.

Click on it and choose format. Follow the wizard and your disk will then appear in, "My Computer". while you are in disk management, you can change your drive letters round to suit. Regards. j.

  woodchip 15:59 23 Sep 2003

You do not need to fdisk if you can see the drive in windows just right click the drive and choose format as a floppy. Otherwise go into BIOS and auto detect the drive also look for LBA for Hard Drives and make sure it's enabled

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