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How do I get my contents off ipod back onto itunes following death of former computer?

  jacobjohn7 20:31 10 Jul 2012

Please could someone give me help with regard to this, most- nearly all my music was music transferred from my cd's and not itune purchases.. they all exist still on my ipod, but my itunes doesn't seem to have them any more or I can't find them, very frustrating, but some mr clever out there should be able to put me right... thanks, hope you can help.

  jacobjohn7 23:16 10 Jul 2012

thanks for input. but sounds like a rip off to me... got to be a manual way of doing this task?

  john bunyan 09:11 11 Jul 2012

Here is how to do it. Use the iPod as a HD.

iPod to PC

Do not forget , in iTunes to register the new PC into the account (5 are allowed) and to set it not to auto synch.Come back if uncertain for more details.

  john bunyan 09:13 11 Jul 2012

Another case (sorry to rub it in) of not backing up to another drive! When sorted, do back up.

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