How do I get more people to look at my site.

  alex22 11:08 28 Aug 2006

I have created my website (click here). but i am sick and tired of updating it when noone looks at it.

Is there any way to get more people to look at it without paying any money?


  ArrGee 12:22 28 Aug 2006
  ArrGee 12:28 28 Aug 2006
  ade.h 16:33 28 Aug 2006

As was touched on briefly in a previous thread; you should move away from generic freespace as soon as you can. click here

  Forum Editor 17:26 28 Aug 2006

I can see that you've worked hard on your site, and I know how frustrating it is when you launch something and nobody seems interested.

Before you can expect people to flock to a website in droves you need to understand some basic concepts, and I hope that the following comments will be of some will help in that respect:-

1. Content is king - the success of any site depends on its content, it's more important than design, navigation, or a host of other factors. If you have good site content your visitors will forgive you if your technical expertise is a little lacking.

2. Vanity publishing - the internet has made publishers of us all, and that's great, but there are drawbacks. Imagine that your website was a printed newspaper, or a magazine, and that it was laying on a shelf, along with a lot of other glossy offerings - would anyone pick it up and read it, just because it's there? Lots of people find it hard to understand why nobody wants to visit their site - the one they think is just wonderful. The truth of course, is that there's little to interest other people in most personal sites unless..........

3. Unique subject matter - if you can come up with something that nobody (or almost nobody) has done before you'll have a real chance. Many people have done this, and internet legends have been the result - look at Friends Reunited for instance. Try to analyse your motives - are you doing this for you, or are you really trying to appeal to a wider audience? If it's the latter, try to think about the things you like to find when you visit a new site for the first time - and put them (or links to them) on your homepage.

4. Don't tale a forum offline and tell your visitors that it's because nobody has been visiting - nothing makes a failure more than the smell of a failure.

5. Persevere - don't lose heart because you don't get a hundred thousand visitors inside the first month. It can take months and months to build traffic on a new site, and you can use that time to tweak the design and the content.

  alex22 17:45 28 Aug 2006

thanks Argee, ade.h, and the forum editor - I have just signed up to Traffic Swarm which garantees that I will get more visitors and I have put up a counter to see if it works. Do you think Traffic Swarm will do the trick.

P.S Do you think I should re open the forum or not

  Forum Editor 18:05 28 Aug 2006

Don't pay money to anyone who says he/she/they will 'guarantee' that you'll get more visitors. More often than not the only thing
you'll get is a lot of spam, when the company you've signed with sells your email address.

I'm not saying that Time Swarm will do this, I've never heard of them, and so I can't say much about them.

  alex22 18:17 28 Aug 2006

I try not to pay anything.

By the way Virgin Radio is at click here if you want to see it.

Traffic Swarm say that they will show my page on their homepage. Will complain if few people view my site because they garantee they will get me more viewers.

So far I have got a website, a counter and a search engine and have paid nothing!

Am going to start updating site now and wil lsay when I have finished.

  alex22 18:22 28 Aug 2006

to start off I will get rid of the rubbish on the homepage and replace it with real news.

  SANTOS7 18:34 28 Aug 2006

The amount of people you get to view your site initially will be numbered by curiosity factor, the amount of people you get to come back to your site, as it is, will be few, when they, as i have, will realise there is really nothing there of any real interest.
there is no common theme to your site, and am not sure what agegroup you are trying to atract, it all seems a bit of a mish-mash.
As forum member says follow the FEs advice.
Sorry its more destructive than constructive.

  alex22 18:41 28 Aug 2006

ok - have changed front page to real news - what else can I do. Do you think the website name needs changing?

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