how do i get at images on sd card?

  NIGEY 11:27 30 Nov 2003

Hi all,can someone please try to shred light on a sd card i have with photo's on when its in cam and connected to comp running xp home,the comp see's it as another drive and when i double click it it just opens up an empty file? ive tried reformating card the camera knows its there can even veiw photos in the cam but wont let me at pics when connected to comp anyideas please.....thanx in advance im sure its something simple thanx guys n girls
nigey ;-)

  dazzling (work) 11:37 30 Nov 2003

did you get a cd with the camera.if so have you installed the programs of may need them to import the images to xp.ussually xp picks them up but this is not always the case how is your camera connected to the pc?.darren

  pj123 11:45 30 Nov 2003

Download the very good image viewer Irfanview free from click here and once installed use it the browse the removable disk when you connect your camera. You could also buy a card reader which means you don't need to connect your camera to the PC and the card reader will be permananently connected.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 11:49 30 Nov 2003

hm... i have the same type of thing, where my camera is seen as an F: drive and i see a file called DDCI or something close to that then double click i can access all my pictures, but in win xp pro i have a viewer which comes up saying if i want to import pics.

  pj123 12:00 30 Nov 2003

Yes, most cameras when connected as a removable drive will have a Folder, generally called DCIM and inside that folder another called 100xxxxx (xxxx being the camera name) for example mine 100 nikon. A fuji camera would be 100 fuji etc.. that is the folder that has the pictures in it.

I have only used Nikon, Fuji and Olympus cameras which all fall into the above format. Not sure if any other makes do the same.

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