How do i get into bios with windows 2000

  ANDY-212408 23:53 25 Feb 2008

I have a ex company laptop which i do not know the admin password for and never will as it comes from a company we have taken over and all their IT staff have long gone. It has Win 2000 pro.
I wish to format the hard drive and install a fresh copy of windows XP. However i cannot access the bios or command prompt to be able to reformat the hard drive - when it boots you can press F12 to select boot device or F8 to get into the options menu which contains safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, enable boot logging, enable vga mode, debugging mode.
Can i format c from the safe mode command prompt? I think not - in which case how do i get to a stage where i can format the hard drive.

Sorry if above is vague i'm tired - please help - thanks AE

  brundle 23:57 25 Feb 2008

Make and model would help.

  ANDY-212408 23:59 25 Feb 2008

Toshiba Satellite pro SP6000 PS600E.

  brundle 00:02 26 Feb 2008

Thanks, try pressing F2 at bootup

  brundle 00:03 26 Feb 2008

Or read/search here; click here

  ANDY-212408 00:03 26 Feb 2008

Goes straight through with no joy. I'm thinking that because it was a company laptop it has had this option removed?

  ANDY-212408 00:10 26 Feb 2008

You got it - pressed esc and c continuously during boot up.
Cheers brundle - many thanks

  brundle 00:14 26 Feb 2008

No problem, glad you're sorted.

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