How do I get ActiveSync on my Ipaq?

  dawsonc 11:05 22 Nov 2004

I already have Activesynch on my laptop, and am trying to sync with my Ipaq via Infrared. A colleague I work with tells me that I have to have ActiveSync actually on my Ipaq in order to then sync via infrared....If this is correct, how do I get it and install it ?

  bazb 11:28 22 Nov 2004

Hi Awesome

you have to first set up your connection using a usb cable. Below is from the manual.

1. Synchronize your iPAQ Pocket PC with your computer using the USB Synchronization Cable.

2. Follow your computer manufacture's instructions to install and set up an infared port.

3. Remove the cable from the iPAQ Pocket PC and line up the infrared port with the computer infrared port so they are unobstructed and within 12 inches of each other.

4. Initiate a connection by tapping Start> ActivesSync> Tools> Connect via IR. Synchronization begins on your device.

5. To disconnect, move the devices away from each other or tap X in the upper right of the screen to turn off.

hope this helps, I think ActiveSync should already be installed on the pocket PC.

  dawsonc 12:45 22 Nov 2004

Thank you

My IPAQ doesn't have a USB cable so I guess I need to invest in one.


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