How do i format a Zoostorm g31 VB M8 system?

  Pinky82 18:34 01 Feb 2011

I bought my Zoostorm G31 VB M8 system over 2 years ago. My system has been running slow lately so i dedided i need to format it. The only problem is i don't have a disc as my windows vista was pre installed. Does anyone have any idea how else i can format this system? Thanks

  northumbria61 19:30 01 Feb 2011

Are you confusing a format with a restore (back to factory settings) - I ask the question as you say it came with Vista pre-installed which suggests to me that there is a "hidden partition" which puts everything back to how it was when it left the factory - ie: how it was when you bought it.

There are instructions here for doing that click here - it relates to a different model but the procedure should be the same.

First you need to back up all of your data - ie.documents,pictures, etc. - After a restore you will need to reinstall all of your software and windows updates plus any up-to-date drivers that you may need.

  Pinky82 19:33 01 Feb 2011

Yes i meant retsore to factory settings lol Sorry i'm not all that computer savvy. I will try what you have suggested. thank you :)

  northumbria61 19:35 01 Feb 2011

"My system has been running slow lately so i dedided i need to format it".

There are lots of other things to try before doing a restore (do that as a last resort) as it is a few hours job.

My first suggestion would be to Download, Install/Run "ccleaner" from here click here

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