How do I format the HD? To re-install Win ME

  Ponkin 20:57 07 Jun 2010

On my old PC, tried to be clever and upgrade from Win ME to Win XP.That I did, now my usb's will not work and my special Photo scanner lacks drivers and will not work. So I wish to re-install my old Win ME but cannot re-format the hard drive from the XP. Is there a way please?

  Jollyjohn 21:06 07 Jun 2010

Pop the WMe cd in and reboot. Press any key to boot from cd and you will get the option to format during the installation process.

  Ponkin 21:18 07 Jun 2010

Thanks Jollyjohn, will give it a go.

  sharpamat 10:43 08 Jun 2010

Sounds very much like both your problems are down to missing drivers.Even restoring to ME will not mean those items will work.

Putting the CD and rebooting from that. will more than likley not work, To Reload ME I would do a complete reinstall, after a full format. For that you will need the emergency Startup Disc, ( floppy ) that could have been made whilst ME was on your system.

I prefered to use a Win 98 one for doing this.However you will still need either the drivers or the installation discs from your system

my advise would be to obtain the drivers and install them

  Ponkin 16:25 08 Jun 2010

Thanks sharpamat, yes I have the relevant driver CDs, but the problem I have now is that I think the CD/floppy drives seem not to be responding,making it difficult to use the start-up floppy, so am working on that.

  Ponkin 18:55 08 Jun 2010

Well I have played with the start-up floppy and repaired and re-installed the WinXP from the CD rather than the ME and now I have my scanner and USBs working again without re-formatting So I am a happy bunny, thanks again for your help.

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