How Do I Format A Hard Drive Via USB2?

  swanson2 11:36 28 Jul 2003

I have fitted a new "Deskstar 180GXP 80GB ATA 7200 RPM - OEM" Hard Disc Drive into an external USB2 HDD Housing.

I have selected the jumpers to "Master" as advised with the external housing instuctions.

My computer recognises a "USB Mass Storage Device" in Device Connections but I can not see it in "My Computer".

I am guessing that this is because this new drive has not been formatted?

Can anyone tell me if and how I can format this drive via my USB2 connection.

I am using Windows XP Home Edition on a PC with an AMD 1700XP Processor and 512MB of RAM.


Bob Swanson

  MichelleC 12:21 28 Jul 2003

I'm not sure you can do it that way as dos doesn't see external devices. I had to hook up my firewire hd as slave to 'c' master and formatted etc there.

BTW the prob of external hd not being seen could be the jumper settings.

  zanwalk 12:42 28 Jul 2003

Are there any drivers to be installed with your external HDD? If not, and you are unable to see the drive from within Windows, you may well have to follow the above advice and hook it up as slave to your existing HDD. If you do that, and set the jumpers correctly (to slave), XP will format it for you from within Windows.

  swanson2 00:25 29 Jul 2003

Thanks for your comments.

I fitted the drive to an internal IDE connection and formatted it.

The drive works fine now in it's extenal HDD USB2 enclosure.

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