How do I format?

  Dazwm 17:16 25 Jul 2003

I have an old computer which I want to completly format to eventually sell. How do I completly format it so that all my history is deleted that is on the hard drive. I have no cd drive or os to put on it.

  Rayuk 17:24 25 Jul 2003

Use a Win98 Startup floppy and at the A prompt type
format c:

That is if you only have 1 partition on the drive

  Dazwm 17:25 25 Jul 2003

Where do I get that and I only have one partition.

  spikeychris 17:28 25 Jul 2003
  graham√ 17:32 25 Jul 2003

An old PC with no OS is not worth anything!

  Dazwm 18:04 25 Jul 2003

When I start it up a black screen appears with a white band across the bottom and it won't go any further. What next?

  spikeychris 18:10 25 Jul 2003

What operating system is sat on the drive now? have you booted with the startup floppy?

Bare in mind, every now and then graham√ says something usefull.....this is one of them times :o)


  Dazwm 19:59 25 Jul 2003

Its all sorted now and thanks Graham for your useful advice!!!

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