How do I fix internet download speed

  larson 12:15 15 Apr 2006

My ethernet card is an Intel(R)PRP/100S Desktop Adapter and my ISP is BT Yahoo at 2Mb nominal connection 'speed'(I upgraded to BT 8Mb yesterday to see if that would help). I've ran a speed check with and found my downstream speed to be a disappointing 135Kbps and upstream at 248Kbps. Can anyone suggest how to fix? Thanks.

  oldal 12:50 15 Apr 2006

Can you give details of your ADSL modem ?. I think it is more likely to be a modem/driver problem.

  Jackcoms 15:07 15 Apr 2006

"I upgraded to BT 8Mb yesterday to see if that would help"

But if your local exchange doesn't support 8Mb, you'll never achieve that speed.

click here to check.

Enter your 'phone number or post code and click 'Check!' and then on the next page click 'BT ADSL'.

  The Spires 15:21 15 Apr 2006

Have you actually had an email from BT telling you that you are regraded? It takes 5 days or more to be upgraded, then for 10 days the exchanged will be trying various speeds to see what speed your line will support. How far away are you from the exchange?

  The Spires 15:24 15 Apr 2006

click here will give you your distance from the exchange as the crow flies, your actual cable run to the exchange will probably be longer. The further away from the exchange the slower the speed.

  larson 17:12 15 Apr 2006

I'm using a BT Voyager 205 router, which I belive will handle the new 8Mb speed. When I upgraded with bt yesterday they checked distance to exchange and the exchanges ability to handle this speed; both checked out ok. How would I go about checking and, if required, upgrading router driver, if that is a possible cause?

  oldal 17:38 15 Apr 2006

Have a look at this page click here
As well as latest driver it also gives some usefull tips

  terryf 23:51 15 Apr 2006

Have a look at click here It is set for my exchange and so you will have to look for your own to see if it is ADSL Max enabled, if not you ain't got 8 Meg

  wobblymike 06:33 16 Apr 2006

Hi ou might care to read this thread which may help

click here

  The Spires 11:58 16 Apr 2006

You may be on an exchange that is 8 meg enabled & using the service but the speed you will get is determined by your line conditions/ & distance from the exchange. Only if you are very near the exchange will you get anything like 8 meg, if you are 4km or more you will only get 2 or so if that. Making sure your wiring in your house is ok & checking that everything that uses a phone point including a sky box has a filter etc will help to get the most speed you can. But at the end of the day your line conditions will determine your speed. I am on MAXAdsl since it but as I am over 4Km from the exchange I get just over 2.

  The Spires 12:09 16 Apr 2006

BTW from your first post if you are getting 248K from your upload you are unlikely to be on the 8 meg service yet, it takes at least 5 days for BT to complete the order. You will also need to reboot your router by switching it off for a few seconds after being upgraded for it to sychronise with the exchange with the 8 meg service.

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