how do i find where registry entries point to?

  trier 20:14 08 Apr 2003

Hi, I unwittingly was conned into installing something while browsing and now i have an extra toolbar in Explorer and IE that i cant get rid of no mater what. i ran both ad-aware and 'spybot- search and destroy' yet it is still there. I'm wondering how can i identify where this program is to remove it as it gives no removal option. Can anyone please enlighten me. i have found references to the site the toolbar points to in but am wondering how do i find programs that registry entries point to. Thanks.

  spikeychris 20:19 08 Apr 2003

Depending on your O/S a system restore would fix it. What is this extra toolbar?


  Jordanjunkie 20:38 08 Apr 2003

If it's a programme check the programe files folder? Or try tools options, or try reinstalling ie from the add/remove progs. Check the downloaded files folder. Hope this helps

  flecc 21:32 08 Apr 2003

Removing an application where there is no Program or Add/Remove function for it available is a potentially risky business, but the following includes safety procedures. First carry out any available backup procedures that you have available. With Windows ME or XP, create a Restore Point.

Click Find, Files and Folders, type the application name into the dialogue box and press Enter. Then from the list found, make sure of the identity of each item individually and delete any components found to the recycle bin so you can recover from there in the event of any trouble. If the item you're looking for has a double name, put a question mark in place of the space, for example Hewlett?Packard. This will restrict the items found mainly to those relevant.

Then click Start,Run,type: regedit , and press Enter. Click Registry, Export, select All, and save a registry copy to the desktop as a safeguard.

Then, still in the Registry Editor click Edit,Find. Enter the application name in the dialogue box and click Find. There is no need for the question mark with double names in registry find. With any element found highlighted, press Del on your keyboard to delete it. Then press F3 to find next, and if anything is found, repeat the delete/F3 sequence until all references are gone. Then exit regedit. Together with the deletions in Find, this should clear out most of the components from your computer.

There may still be isolated components of the application under other names in the registry and system files but these should do no harm. If you wish to continue the clearance, start by running Scandisc which may find and remove any unassociated frgments and remove them. Then you could run a registry cleaner to find and remove any unattached registry elements. A popular application for this purpose is RegCleaner from: click here.

It would be best to keep the registry backup on the desktop and not empty the recycle bin for at least several days until you're sure everything, both Windows and Programs are unaffected.

In the unlikely event of any registry trouble, double click the desktop registry backup that you made and it will merge back into the registry undoing your changes. When you are certain all is well, you can delete the registry desktop backup.

  woodchip 21:41 08 Apr 2003

If you are Win98 or Win ME just run the repair, Go to control panel double click Add/Remove Programs double click on Microsoft Internet Explorer Choose repair and it should default back to what it was

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