How do I find WEP Key?

  BigAl127 14:54 29 Oct 2006

Running 2 computers off an Edimax Wireless router.

Both systems were running fine when network was unsecure. So set the WEP key up on the Edimax site, using ADMIN/1234 as the default login.

Now I can't get on the net cos the 2nd comp is saying incorrect WEP key, and the Edimax website now won't let me on using the default login, to remove the WEP.

Is there anyway, I can find the WEP key using computer 1?

Thanks in advance

  bremner 15:12 29 Oct 2006

You do not go to the 'Edimax' website - just the setup page of the router - which is an html page.

From your first computer type in the address and you should be able to go to the security settings and note the WEP key, which you can then apply when prompted on the second machine

  Forum Editor 15:18 29 Oct 2006

for people to make errors when typing a WEP key into a computer when they first access a wireless network.

Double-check that you entered the correct key on computer number 2.

  €dstowe 15:24 29 Oct 2006

Easiest thing to do is reset the router (usually a pin in the reset hole) and start afresh.

  >steve< 15:29 29 Oct 2006

like cdstowe said the best thing to do is reset the router their should be a pinhole on the router press this and hold for about 10 secs this should reset the router to its default settings.

  BigAl127 15:35 29 Oct 2006

I stand corrected. I meant the setup page for the router. But as explained it won't let me login to note the WEP Key.

Have checked several times that i've typed it correctly and as far as i'm aware I have. Unless i've wrote it down incorrectly, hence the reason I'm trying to double check through the set up page. But like i've said, that won't let me login.

Will resetting the router, remove the existing WEP Key, and set up login, so I can start afresh?

  Strawballs 16:18 29 Oct 2006

Yes as €dstowe said it will reset back to default settings the same as it was out off the box

  ed-0 16:46 29 Oct 2006

It's not the wep key you need to enter the router setup, it's the password you have set for the router.

Put the password in and not the wep key. That should let you into the settings.

  BigAl127 21:24 29 Oct 2006

Did as Edstowe advised and reset the router. All now's working fine again.

Once again many thanks

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