How do I find a safe PDF reader, please?

  kim12 10:59 26 Sep 2012

I have a need to read some pdf readers, which are SAFE to use! I have tried several, but all I seem able to get are programs which instantly take me to Babylon, or even worse, StartNow.

a) I need a safe program which will do what it is supposed to.

b) I need a way to get rid of Babylon and its endless Startnow cronies!!

So desperate, I would even resort to PAYING for a program. TIA Kim Pavey

  rdave13 11:13 26 Sep 2012

I use Foxit, click here

Babylon removal, click here

  Woolwell 11:13 26 Sep 2012

Adobe Reader Adobe but do untick the box to install McAfee Security Scan Plus or Foxit Foxit Reader. It is always best to download from the actual site.

  lotvic 11:25 26 Sep 2012

I use Foxit same as rdave13, download from Foxit site.

Whenever you install any program always look out for and UNtick any toolbars or extra bits during the install.

  kim12 11:49 26 Sep 2012

Thanks for advice. I use gmail online, and I usually leave it running as I have a lot of emails. If I am using one or more items from the taskbar beneath Google's various goodies. Babylon comes up when I need to use more than one item. As of now, nothing I have tried will prevent it from joining in.I am running XP, if that is helpful. All my efforts at finding a usable pdf reader so far have come to nothing. If I do manage to produce something, it will only show me a picture of whatever I have opened, rather than the actual page. When I do this, the only way to get it off the screen is to crash my system.

  rdave13 12:08 26 Sep 2012

In your browser you need to manage your search engines. In IE open tools, manage add-ons then search providers and remove Babylon and others as in link above. In firefox, If I remember correctly, click the down arrow in the search bar on right and select manage search engines. Also check plug-ins and extensions. Which program reads your PDFs now? Uninstall it then install Foxit reader.

  lotvic 00:03 27 Sep 2012

If Firefox is your browser: look in Tools, Options, Applications and scroll down list to 'PDF Document' click on it to hightlight it and then at right under Action column you will get a drop down arrow menu to choose what you want to happen. I have mine set to 'Always Ask' so when I click on a .pdf link I then get popup box, choice of being able to save to pc or to open with a program of my choice.

  kim12 16:21 27 Sep 2012

Thanks to all of you. Easy when you know how, isn't it? myself I used to be quite clever, but nowadays I am just SENILE about a lot of things. Many thanks. Kim

  woodchip 16:32 27 Sep 2012

You need to put the Babylon url in the hosts file. You will find HOSTS file in Windows/System32/Drivers/etc double click Hosts to open it in Notepad and to edit it re-save after you enter the url

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