how do i find paper thickness?

  bobbyalec 11:26 26 Nov 2014

hi,can anyone tell me the thickness of paper, eg 90gsm?

thanks for help offered, bobbyalec

  Pine Man 11:40 26 Nov 2014

If you google 'how thick is 90 gsm paper' you'll get all the information you need about paper weights and thicknesses.

  wee eddie 11:40 26 Nov 2014

Measuring the thickness of paper is a refined art and only possible on Nanometres.

So, what they do is to measure the weight of a 1 square meter sheet.

or you could have a look at this Paper Thickness

  SparkyJack 23:39 26 Nov 2014

Very crude,but for normal purposes good enough. Make stack of say 100 sheets ,place a weight on it

Measure the height(thickness)

Get your calculator out.

  SparkyJack 08:12 27 Nov 2014

Too describe more fully.

The weight compresses the stack to exclude air.

Measure in mm. ÷ by 100 result 0.00x mm.

  BT 08:50 27 Nov 2014

Why do you need to know? For most purposes the stated weight is a good guide, the higher the weight the thicker the paper. If the thickness is really important the only way is to use a Micrometer to measure it.

  wee eddie 10:41 27 Nov 2014

BT: Even a Micrometer is not necessarily useful, as the surface of paper is not sufficiently rigid to give a definitive reading.

  SparkyJack 13:15 27 Nov 2014

My solution to 'guess' thickness of a single piece(any area) is the only practical non scientific method.

I suggested 100 Sheets a full ream(500 pieces)will be more accurate

  bumpkin 14:19 27 Nov 2014

It says in wee eddies link 90gsm is 0.0048inch thick unless I have misunderstood it.

  bumpkin 14:24 27 Nov 2014

It says in wee eddies link 90gsm is 0.0048inch thick unless I have misunderstood it.

  SparkyJack 08:18 28 Nov 2014

0.0048 inch huh! What's that in metric( mm)?

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