HOW DO I FIND out what graphics card i got?

  FOEYDO 17:25 07 Mar 2006

HOW DO I FIND out what graphics card i got? i got windows xp thanks

  johnnyrocker 17:29 07 Mar 2006

right click 'my computer' select properties/hardware/device manager and it will be listed under display adapters.


  skidzy 17:30 07 Mar 2006

click here
click here

2 of the best around at the moment

  Stuartli 17:32 07 Mar 2006

Or right click on the Desktop>Properties>Settings>Advanced button>Adapter tab.

  Jimmy14 17:32 07 Mar 2006

another easier way is to right click on the desktop, go to properties then settings. below display it should say what graphics card its on

  Scubaman 17:48 07 Mar 2006

Hi, I am having a problem with my other computer on startup. The old drive was getting noisy and freezing on startup, so I installed a new one and used Norton Ghost to transfer the old drive. Everything went fine but ocasionally the windows XP screen appears and the progress bar freezes and I have to restart then its fine until the next time. Any ideas?

  jaritch 18:21 07 Mar 2006


Suggest you start a new thread. You shouldn't be butting in on someone elses.

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