How do I find out my cpu temperature?

  Eagie 19:30 24 May 2003

People are often reporting the temperature of their cpu and/or mobo but how do you find this out? I am sure this is a really simple question but then I am but a simple man.


  MartinT-B 19:35 24 May 2003

Unless your mobo has a probe (as mine does), you either check in the BIOS or download a program such as SANDRA. SANDRA is allegedly unreliable tho :( and I con't think of another.

No doubt someone else will post with one.

  OneSirKnight 19:39 24 May 2003

its displayed on your boot up screen, so when you see it press the pause/break key on your keyboard and make a note of it,for future ref.

  Eagie 19:41 24 May 2003

Thank you both for your speedy replies. If anyone can suggest any software that monitors CPU thought would be great.

If it makes any difference I have an Athlon 2500XP and a Abit Max2 mobo.

  Mysticnas 19:47 24 May 2003

when you're PC reboots, as it tells you the amount of ram you got etc.... press "DEL" key on your keyboard.

you should then come into your Computer Bios, it's usually a blue background with 2 columns of text.

use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate through the list. There should be something saying PC Health or something similar. press enter when you have highlighted it. this should bring some details like case opened status, and if your mother board supports it, it should have CPU Temp and CPU Fan speed etc...

Other than that there is no other way i can think of to monitor the cpu temp short of installed an new CPU temp sensor which may involve remvoing the CPU fan and heatsink etc...

  MartinT-B 19:49 24 May 2003

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  OneSirKnight 19:57 24 May 2003

AIDA 32 this is free and a great little utility, and can also tell you your tempreture.
click here

  OneSirKnight 20:05 24 May 2003

once you have installed it, run the program select computer and expand then select SENSOR this will display cpu and pc temperature.

  Eagie 20:25 24 May 2003

Thanks one and all.

I've downloaded Aida as recommended by OneSirKnight and my cpu temp is 42c and my mobo 46c which I believe are in within acceptable limits.

As an extra note, I think this forum is great and the responses speedy. May long it last - and I am sure it will as long as there are those like the ones above prepared to help the unenlightened such as I.

  MartinT-B 20:27 24 May 2003


If you hang around, you'll only be 'unenlightened' for a short time :)

  OneSirKnight 20:33 24 May 2003

Your show of appreciation is all the gratitude we need.and makes it more worthwhile assisting when we can..Thanks.

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