How do I find my IP address

  Trikie 23:33 17 Jul 2016

Using Windows Live Mail with Windows 7. I have a 50 name distribution list for sending weekly reports. Tonight 17 have been rejected with this message

554:Message rejected for policy reasons ( - Please report any problems to BT via the [email protected] mailbox and include your sending ip address with an example header of your email

All are to BT internet addresses. How do I find my IP address to sort this out?

  difarn 00:57 18 Jul 2016

Follow the steps in this article

click here

  Jollyjohn 08:43 18 Jul 2016

Quick fix, try dividing the list into smaller sections and see if it works.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:48 18 Jul 2016

How do I find my IP address.........

It's your public IP address that's wanted so difarn's advice won't help. Just click here.

Sometimes problems like this can be solved by getting a new IP address and it's usually very easy to do. Simply turn your router off then on again, allow a couple of minutes for it to reconnect to your ISP, then send a test email to one BT recipient and ask if they received it.

  Trikie 09:46 18 Jul 2016

Thanks - I did wonder if it was some sort of scam. If BT doesn't reply i don't need my IP address!

Will save the instructions for possible future use.

  Trikie 00:51 19 Jul 2016

Sent the BT messages separately with no problems.

  anhbloginc 08:08 19 Jul 2016

Here is the simple method to get your IP and its information. Just visit 1">[click here and it will show your IP there.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:10 19 Jul 2016

Just visit click here and it will show your IP there.

No it doesn't, and what's more, it's got an appalling selection of tools. Was that website put together by school kids?

  Secret-Squirrel 10:17 19 Jul 2016

Ah, apologies, it does show the public IP address................. although the rest of the site is still rubbish.

  lotvic 11:48 19 Jul 2016

SS, as are the rest of the posts (3 in total so far) from anhbloginc

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