How do I extract Info from hard drive

  golfpro 05:29 02 Jul 2009

A couple of months ago my XP PC went south, and to get it repaired will cost me almost as much as a new one, so I have decided to scrap it. The problem is I have a lot of info on the HD which I need to copy (mainly my email addresses), the question is how can I get this information off the hard drive. I have three other comps, one very old very slow HP XP which I am using as a stand by, one Lap top Vista and a Samsung Net Book also XP.
Can anyone help me.

  Bob The Blob 05:38 02 Jul 2009

Get a hard drive caddy or something similar click here and plug it into any of your other pc's. Or fit it inside your old tower if possible.

  golfpro 06:51 02 Jul 2009

Does my broken PC have to work for this, if so then its no good as it won't switch on and boot up. How do they work?

  hastelloy 07:14 02 Jul 2009

A caddy connects to any PC via USB or, as Bob The Blob said, put in a PC as a slave drive. I prefer the caddy route - you can then use this for backups.

  rawprawn 07:16 02 Jul 2009

No, take the hard drive out of the broken machine put it in the caddy, connect to the machine you want to transfer your data to and copy it all accross. You can drag and drop if you want.

  BT 07:40 02 Jul 2009

Also advisable to export your Address book to a memeory stick on a regular basis.

  UK Sub 08:10 02 Jul 2009

You must get an enclosure that is compatible with your old hard disk IDE or SATA.

You say your old PC went south. If a hard disk failure (as in it no longer works at all) was part of the failure then it probably still wont work.

  jack 08:21 02 Jul 2009

an alternative to the caddy is an IDE/USB cable and power supply, such as
click here
is one example of many.
I have a collection of hard drives with this and that stored on them.
When needed the selected drive simply sits 'naked' in the desk connected via the cable.

  golfpro 14:22 02 Jul 2009

Will do as you say, and take the hard drive out and take it down to my local comp shop and ask for the right piece of kit. It seems like the best idea. BTW it was not the hard drive that went down it was something else in the computer (PSU I suspect but I am not sure).

  woodchip 14:57 02 Jul 2009

If you use a USB caddy the Drive jumper as to be set to MASTER or it will not work

  gazzaho 17:21 02 Jul 2009

The cheapest, fastest but perhaps not the easiest solution if you're not hardware proficient, is to install the drive internally into the computer you want to transfer the files to. This web page will show you how to fit an IDE drive to a computer click here there is also a link at the bottom of the page for fitting a SATA drive.

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