How do I extend digital tv?

  Big Stu 22 07:16 11 Jul 2013

Hello everyone

Bear with me, this is my first post on this forum. I suspect similar, if not identical questions have been asked before, but here goes anyway...

I want to send my Virgin TiVo digital tv signal from my main television to a second one. I have read that various technologies could possibly do this, ranging from wireless senders and receivers to Homeplug/Powerline. I'm slightly restricted in that where I want to locate the second tv is on a separate electrical ring main to that into which the main tv and TiVo box plugs. This is due to the nature of a recent extension but I may be able to overcome that.

That said, my questions are: would Homeplug/Powerline work (if I can overcome the two separate ring mains issues), does it carry a digital tv signal? Can I control the tv channels back on the TiVo box through a Homeplug/Powerline set-up? Which is best, Homeplug or Powerline? If I go down the wireless sender route, can anyone recommend some good products, there seem tone so any at a range of prices! Can I also control tv channels back on the TiVo box thought the wireless receiver?

Thanks for any advice.

Regards Stuart

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