How do I extend 'C' system partition?

  ame 14:19 04 Feb 2010

I am trying to sort out my daughter's pc which was wrecked by viruses, I think. I have ended up with 7.81Gb of unallocated space at the left hand side, then 22.23Gb of NTFS-formatted C drive where I've just reinstalled Xp Home, then another 44.49Gb of unallocated space to the right. Right-clicking on the C volume does not give me an "extend" option. Diskpart notes say I cannot extend system drive. Is there not a way to get all of the drive allocated as C? I tried paragon partition manager free version but couldn't do it with that either.

  Jollyjohn 15:13 04 Feb 2010

Using Paragon, can you MOVE the 22gb partition - this will use the 7.8gb spare space.

I would use the remaining space to create a new partition - ntfs - and store all personal stuff on it.
You can move My Documents to the new partition by right click on it in the menu.

  Procrastinus 15:23 04 Feb 2010

I use GParted for all partition moving and resizing. Download, burn to a CD, reboot and use it as a live CD.

  canarieslover 15:29 04 Feb 2010

Worth downloading Easeus Partition Master. click here Use the free edition for home use, it works a treat. Also for back up afterwards there is Easeus ToDo that is free and wotks in a similar manner to Acronis.

  ame 16:32 04 Feb 2010

Tried again with Paragon as I already had it there. Managed to move C to start of disk and then resize it to take up free space. Guess I wasn't really understanding the move/resizing tool after deleting previous partitions either side of C. Cheers Jollyjohn.

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