How do I enable encryption on a wireless nateowrk?

  ivesy 20:12 05 Jun 2005

Today I bought a Buffalo G54 Modem/Router and USB Key so I can get my girlfirends wireless laptop to connect to the internet via my desktop PC. I managed to get it all up and running but I would like to enable encrytion but I'm not sure how to do this! I've tried using Windows help and according to this there should be a Security Tab in network connections>wireless network connections but neither the desktop or laptop have it! any ideas? also is there anything else I can do tyo make this setup anymore secure? I'd appreciate any help.

  ton 20:35 05 Jun 2005

Surely there are instructions on the router driver CD? Mine has, but it is a different make, so would not be the same prodedure as yours.

  Strawballs 21:25 05 Jun 2005

The instructions for accessing the router setup should be in the instructions it will be a web based address that will start with http:/ that you can access through your browser then you should be able to enable the encryption that way

  Taff36 08:01 06 Jun 2005

You don`t say which wireless router it is but there`s plenty of advice starting from here click here

If you have set it up as you say, your girlfriends laptop should be able to access the internet even if your computer is switched off and vica versa. To set up encryption you need to start with the router. Access it through the http :// (I`ve put a space after http so it doesn`t turn into a click here) and find the security settings. Set up WEP or WPA (Better Security) then Save the settings and Reboot the router. Now try to connect to the router using windows and you will need to enter the encryption key you set up. Having done this the first time you should look to the Profile setting on that machine and save it so you don`t ned to re-enter the key every time.

This is very broad brushstroke but if you look at the manual it should make sense.

  ivesy 17:51 12 Jun 2005

First of all sorry for not getting back on here sooner, but thankyou for the replies. I eventually got the bloody thing working with encryption. As you mention Taff36 I used the HTTP address and selected the security setting (which was deep down in the list of options) I chose a 13 digit/alpha ascii code and this seems to work. I have to say the instructions with the Router were dyer and the reply I got from Buffalo was just a an email copy of the same instructions. The only problem I'm having now is sometimes the gateway seems to disappear if I start to tinker with the settings. Finally when my girlfriend's PC searches for available connections she can get 2 others from our estate which are unsecure, just shows how people don't seem to realise how easy it is to have there connection hijacked!

  Taff36 23:39 12 Jun 2005

Might we get a green tick then? Post the gateway problem as a new subject or stop tinkering with it! Keep quiet about the other networks available to your girlfriend. You might need them if you keep tinkering with yours!

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