How do I edit mp3's ?

  [DELETED] 09:07 23 Jan 2006

Just wanted to know how to edit an mp3.Her's the prob: When downloading Audiobooks or long mp3 tracks they will not fit on one cd. So what I need to be able to do is to cut the track up so that I can put them on 2 or more cd's. I can't seem to be able to do this at the moment, I keep geting 'track won't fit'. I am using Windows Media 10 or Roxio Easy Media creator basic Home. Is there a free programme that is easy to use to do this?

  [DELETED] 09:21 23 Jan 2006

Are you certain you are referring to MP3 files here?

A one hour thirty minute spoken word MP3 file I have just looked at takes up 80MB. By my calculation I could get nine of these and more on an ordinary CDR.

  [DELETED] 09:26 23 Jan 2006

The ones I have been downloading from Limewire are sometimes complete books, rolled into one huge file. I can get it on the pc, but when it comes to copying them to CDR so I can listen in the car or on a stereo, I don't know how to break it up so I can make them fit. I tried using the HIGH Mat option on Win 10 but then the cd players won't read thm...

  [DELETED] 09:39 23 Jan 2006

The size of the mp3 depends on the bitrate -the higher the bitrate the larger the file. I've found that some of the audio books from p2p sites have had their birates increased to make the file larger (I understand that some people "trade" one file for another and so increrase the size of a partiocular file to make seem more attractive). I've found that speech doesn't need a bitrate above 60kbps.

Anyway, if you download Audacity click here you can change the bitrate and/or chop-up/joiner to your hearts content. To save as mp3 you need to add this click here

  [DELETED] 10:20 23 Jan 2006

If you are converting to standard CD audio format, this will increase the file size considerably. For example an audio CD of standard music tracks will probably only fit around 20 tracks or so. Yet if you make an MP3 CD, this will hold around 250 tracks. But you will need a CD player that will play MP3 CDs.

Alternatively, you could plug an MP3 player (a la Zen, IPOD) into the Aux/Line In of your stereo or use an in-car adapter.

As mentioned above, Audacity is a free and easy bit of software to edit your files, and well worth having.

  [DELETED] 10:56 23 Jan 2006

Audacity as mentioned also www nch/swiftsound/wavepad- will edit cut bits out join bits to your hearts content

  Zurdo 17:03 23 Jan 2006

If the track is an 'albumwrap' file (.albw) then there is a free splitter here click here

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