How Do I download Vinyl & Cassette Tapes To PC

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I have some old Vinyl & Cassette Tapes i would like to download on to my PC then onto
CDR media.

Can Anyone tell me the name of the cables / leads i would need to use transfer from
Decks to PC.

Also what would be the best recording software to use.

Thanks to all that reply.

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click here
click here
Your nearest PC store should be able to supply the cables, hope this helps,good luck...

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click here
forgot this...

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remember this

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Hi, If you have Nero and the Nero Wave Editor then you have all you need.
You will also need a 3.5mm male to male Stereo cable.
Full explanations on click here

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If you have a full hi fi seperate system:

I have a Kenwood amplifier, tape deck and turntable system and they are all seperate units. It is connected to the computer with the computer's audio out going into the AUX input on the amp so that the PC's sound goes through the stereo. The record out socket for the DAT on the amp is plugged into the line-in socket on the PC (record out socket for tape should also work) so that anything that comes out of the amp goes into the PC. With this setup make sure you have the line-in on the computer muted until you need to record from tape or vinyl because of the feedback.

If you just have a turntable on it's own, you can use a standard audio cable with a 3.5 mm jack on the end and plug it into the back of the computer. The output of vinyl records on a turntable is lower, so unless there is a pre-amp built into the turntable you will need to either get an external pre-amp or use the microphone socket. A tape deck will connect in the same way but you won't need the pre-amp.

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I use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab which has tools for improving the quality of the recorded sound from vinyl or tape. I am not sure if it is the best. I also have Audacity and I prefer Magix for this task.

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you can get a free fourteen day free trial from polderbit click here Its realy very good.use you line out I used my walkman to record from tapes to my computer.

good luck

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Hi Ascot Monkey,
Agree with all before, but specifically, Maplin Electronics with their huge catalogue of cables and very good prices is probably the place where you will get the 3.5mm to phono plug cables you'll need. You can shop on-line with them but they might have a shop near you, it's worth looking.

You can record direct to your computer from the headphone socket of a tape player but you need to turn down the tape player's output to zero at first and adjust it slowly up until the input meters of the audio cleaning software just peak at optimum on loud passages to avoid overloading.

As far as software goes I use Steinberg CLEAN 4.0 with which I've had good results feeding from a turntable via a HiFi amp. I've also got Magix but found its controls much more complicated to use than Clean. CLEAN PLUS comes with its own pre-amp for recording direct from a turntable without using a HiFi amp, but is a bit more expensive than Clean as a result. They're both available from PC World and others at around £25. Good luck.

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I have a decent Technics turntable; I need to replace the belt, and buy a little pre-amp.
Then I plan to buy the Magix Audio Cleaning Lab deluxe from Amazon; -It's only a tenner!

I believe it even comes with a phono to stereo mini-jack adaptor. I've read it also includes the option of processing input from a turntable without a pre-amp, but I don't know how good the results would be.

I just hope the vinyl has survived it's spell in the loft!

  [DELETED] 13:47 19 Jun 2006

Hi keef66,

Even if the output from your Technics turntable is high enough to drive the recording software I wouldn't do it without a pre-amp. Vynils are recorded with RIAA characteristics wherein the bass is reduced and the treble boosted to avoid untrackable variations in the record groove. A pre-amp reverses these boosts to restore the proper frequency response, it doesn't only amplify the signal. Without it you'll get very unsatisfactory sounds out of your eventual CD's. It's the same for audio tapes for different reasons to do with magnetic saturation on loud bass passages and getting an even signal on the tape. I'm not in any way biassed towards Steinberg and their software is more expensive than Magix, but CLEAN PLUS does come with a pre-amp and cabling, it might be cheaper as a package. Tho' if you've got a HiFi amp it's OK to pass the turntable signal thro' its pre-amp, and take the tape record output to the computer, it gives good results.

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